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LWVNCA Call to Annual Convention

Naumann Award

Annual Convention

LWVNCA Annual Convention will be held on Saturday, May 6, 2017 starting at 9:30 am to approximately 1:00 pm.

Clyde's of Gallery Place Restaurant in the Piedmont Room upstairs 707 7th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001

The meal will be a buffet brunch.

Registration is due Friday, April 28th. Click Here for registration form.

Convention Business

As per our bylaws The LWVNCA Convention shall Meet Annually:

A. Elect officers and directors for a two year term and a Nominating Committee for a one year term

B. Adopt an Annual Budget

C. In odd-numbered years delegates consider and adopt a two-year Program, and in even-numbered years consider Program development.

D. In Odd number years we award the Madeline Naumann prize.

E. We may also hold a fundraiser at the convention.

F. Conduct any other pertinent LWVNCA business.

Speaker: Dr. Mark Graber

"The Electoral College: From the Federalist Papers to Trump."

LWVNCA Nominations 2017-2019

The Current Nominating Committee presents the following slate to fill LWVNCA slots aty the Annual Convention:

Chair: Joyce Starks (LWVPGC - Maryland) Members: Barbara Sherrill (LWVAR - Virginia) Barbara Yeomans (LWVDC - District of Columbia)

These positions are for a two year term: Below is the presented slate. Nominations will be taken from the floor at the Annual Convention.

For President: Kathy McGuire (LWVMC)

For Secretary: Nancy Soreng (LWVMC)

For Director: Joan Zawacki (LWVLC)

For Director Sarah Matthews (LWVFR)

Nominating Committee Members serve a one year term.

Wendy Frieman - (LWVFC) Chair for Nominating Committee Chair

Member: Geraldine Whitley (LWVDC)

Member: Deborah Mitchell (LWVPGC)

Proposed 2017-19 Budget

Silent Auction

Each participating League in LWVNCA is eligible to make one official donated item to the auction. Creativity is encouraged for a League's choice of donation. Items must be valued at $50 minimum but there is no maximum value. Items are to arrive at the LWVNCA Convention Auction tables at 9:15 a.m. on May 6th.

Each League will have a designated location on the auction tables. Bidding starts at the item's value and increases by a minimum of $5 increments. Bidding is open during the Breakfast, stops during the Speech, and concludes after 10 minute Break before Business Meeting. Highest bidders are announced at end of Business Meeting.

Before departing the convention, winners pay check or cash to LWVNCA Treasurer Nancy Bliss. Profits are split with 50% to LWVNCA and the other 50% shared equally by participating Leagues . Leagues will receive their payment checks in the mail a few days after the event. Entry deadline: April 15, 2017. . To enter, each League President needs to email a description of their League's donated item and its dollar value to Auction Chair Andrea Gruhl at using the message header, "LWVNCA Silent Auction donated item from [acronym for your League]."

Click Here for details.

Naumann Award

See the Naumann Award Section for more information. Naumann Award Section

Proposed Program for 2017-2019

Program Planning Results and Proposed Program for 2017 - 2019

Six Local Leagues conducted Program Planning for interest in possible studies and forums for the next two-year period. The Program Planning survey results:


  • Electoral College (3)
  • Metro Funding (3 + combine with Regional Transportation)
  • Charter Schools (1)
  • Opioid Abuse (1)
  • Civic Education: How Government Works (1)
  • Voters' Rights/GOTV (1)
  • League of Women Board Management or Advocacy or MLD training (1)

Studies: Charter Schools vs/and Public Schools (2), Alternative Energy (1)

Action: Metro Funding (3)

Based on these results, the LWVNCA Board recommends the following:

1. Training for LWVNCA members on Board How To's (e.g. Advocacy, Board management, MLD)

2. Educational forum on Metro Funding Update and Regional Transportation follow up

3. Study Charter Schools and/vs. Public Schools only if someone will chair the committee

NOTE: In response to Program Planning suggestions for 2017-2019 above, we report that LWVNCA has joined a coalition on Metro and will present a speaker on the Electoral College.

Metro Funding + A Metro Finance Committee was formed and is co-chaired by Nancy Soreng, LWVMD and Edith Holmes Snyder, LWVFC. The committee has been gathering information and recommended that the LWVNCA Board sign on to the Coalition for Smarter Growth's "Fund It/Fix It Principles". At the March 2017 meeting, the LWVNCA Board approved the inclusion of the LWVNCA as a supporter of the Coalition for Smarter Growth's Principles for "Fund It/Fix it" which are: advocate for a dedicated funding source for Metro; near term budget solutions; and frequent and reliable service. By approving our inclusion, all member Leagues need to make this an Action priority.

Electoral College speaker, Dr. Mark Graber of the University of Maryland School of Law, was selected to present at the May 2017 Annual Convention.

1. Training + Civic Responsibility
2. Forums

  • Voter Rights
  • Charter Schools
  • Electoral College
  • Opioid Abuse
  • Civic Education: How Government Works
  • Voters' Rights/GOTV

3. Study
  • Alternate Energy
  • Charter Schools without a chair