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Metro "Fund It + Fix It" CALL to ACTION

Metro Call to Action - Metro Gets Third & Final YES to Funding! See Award picture!

Coalition for Smarter Growth Awards, April 23, 2019

The Coalition for Smarter Growth celebrated the 16th annual [Frederick & Diana] Prince Livable Communities Leadership Award with a reception on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at the Tico Restaurant, 1926 14th Street, Washington, D.C.

Former Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker was awarded with the 2019 Prince Livable Communities Leadership Award and the region's League of Women Voters (of the National Capital Area) received the 2019 Sanders-Henn Community Hero Award winner for their role in winning dedicated funding for Metro.

Pictured below are representatives of LWVNCA state Leagues, DC, MD & VA receiving the award on behalf of the Metro Fund It/Fix It (FIFI) committee.

From L to R: Deb Wake (VA), Anne Anderson (DC), LWVNCA Pres. Kathy McGuire, Elaine Apter (MD), Stewart Schwartz, CSG Exec. Director

For More information about the Award on the CSG website click here. For more about the Coalition for Smarter Growth: CSG website

NOW WHAT? We Have the Dedicated Funding. What Do We Do With It?

Join the Coalition for Smarter Growth on June 28th, 6:30 PM, at Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies to talk about where do we go from here. 640 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC, 20001 See Calendar for directions

A year ago, winning dedicated funding for Metro didn't seem possible. Now, the impossible happened. With funding in hand, how did we win and what do we do from here?

Join the Coalition for Smarter Growth and two expert panels to talk about how we finally won the fight for dedicated funding and what needs to happen now that Metro has the money.

Show me the money: How did we win dedicated funding and where do we go from here? Thursday, June 28, 6:30 - 8:30 pm


CLICK HERE for flyer with more information.


The Washington Post, March 22, 2018, 9:30PM By Robert McCartney

Metro gets third and final `yes' as Maryland commits to its full share of dedicated funding

Maryland will give Metro its full share of $167 Million a year in new, permanent funding, the governor and leaders of both legislative chambers said Thursday (March 22) putting the transit system on track to win a historic regional deal to support it.

Virginia and the District have committed to provide their share for a total of $500 Million a year in the dedicated funding that Metro says it needs for capital investments to ensure safety and reliability.

With Maryland's assent, and barring last minute glitches, the system will receive a reliable revenue stream for the first time since its trains began rolling in 1976.

Read entire article here


We are receiving notices and Alerts from the FIFI (Fund It/Fix It) Coalition Partners, and from our Leagues. Here are the latest (in chronological order)

  • March 5, 2018 - Alert from CSG (Coalition for Smarter Growth), of which LWVNCA is a member, regarding VA Transportation bills, SB856 and HB1159 that are now in conference committee. The message is to "Tell legislators that Virginia should fund Metro at the full $154 million. . ."

Click here for Complete Alert.

Letter to Elected officials from Fund it Fix it

Press release on LaHood WMATA Report

Metro "Fund It + Fix It" Call to Action forum

The forum was a huge success. Here are the Powerpoint presentations from the forum on Metro Funding.

NVTC Newsletters

WMATA Metro Funding


Council of Governments Metro Funding

We are working with a larger coalition on this issue the Coalition for Smarter Growth.


Get the facts on the issue, scroll down on this page and read some of the articles and reports on the subject.

LWVNCA Position on which we take action

"Volunteer to attend government meetings on the subject and speak to decision makers. Speak to them now!

Join the Virginia Transit Action Network

Share what you've learned with friends, family and neighbors, invite them to get active with you.

Sign the coalition petition.

Now is the time to contact your representatives in your local jurisdiction, state delegation and at the federal level to remind them of the importance of Metro to the regional economy.

Metro Report from Stakeholders

LWVNCA undertakes "Fund it + Fix It" action plan supporting Metro

National Capital Area Leagues undertake "Fund it + Fix It" action plan supporting Metro*

Some 40 years after the League of Women Voters of the National Capital Area (LWVNCA) adopted positions in support of Metro, including a dedicated source of funding for the then-new rapid transit system, it has joined with more than a dozen nonprofit organizations in backing a call for dedicated funding for the system. While a major emphasis of the original positions was to get people out of their cars, along with the need for adequate financing, the current emphasis is to obtain the funding that will allow Metro to fix the system so that it will continue to reduce traffic congestion in the DC area--while serving as the economic engine for the region.

A major impetus for action to solve Metro's funding crisis has been the recent studies and reports issued by major components of the civic structure in the region addressing both the problem and proposed solutions. These include: the Council of Governments, business groups, chief administrative officers of local jurisdictions, Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689, and the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation Transit Capital Project Revenue Advisory Board as well as support from regional faith groups, the Coalition for Smarter Growth, environmental groups, etc. As the heading for a recent article by Greater Washington noted, "Almost everyone agrees WMATA needs funding." At this time (when writing), there is major anticipation of the results of a review by the LaHood Commission initiated by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and of an August 28th summit at Mt. Vernon where Governors McAuliffe (VA) and Larry Hogan (MD) and District Mayor Muriel Bowser will discuss how to fund Metro.

Not waiting for agreement on the amount of funding required to get Metro healthy and keep it that way, or the specific methods to be used to obtain the revenue, the League and other groups are moving ahead with plans to generate support for whatever plans are eventually proposed for adoption by the three WMATA jurisdictions (District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia + DMV)

LWVNCA Metro Funding Action Co-Chair Edith Snyder represented the LWV in an August 18 webinar on Metro hosted by the Virginia Conservation Network in conjunction with the Coalition for Smarter Growth. "Metro 101: Building the Conservation Case for a Strong Metro System in Virginia" tied climate change to the transportation sector, underscoring the critical importance of accessible public transportation throughout the Commonwealth. Stewart Schwartz and Pete Tomao of the Coalition for Smarter Growth provided background on the connection between climate and transportation in Virginia and detailed the ways in which Metro, in particular, is currently underfunded and in dire need of repairs.

Snyder, Co-chair with Nancy Soreng of LWVNCA's committee, described for the webinar attendees the League's long-time commitment to Metro. "The League supported the system when it was first proposed and constructed, and we're not about to abandon it now," she said. Snyder noted that the League of Women Voters will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2020 and that it is an organization built on grassroots advocacy. It is this legacy that LWVNCA and its member local Leagues in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia are bringing to activities in support of the Metro funding needed to provide frequent, reliable service. In particular, the regional League is:

  • Hosting a forum with CSG on October 7, 2017, titled "METRO Fund It + Fix It! A Call to Action." This event will be held at NRECA, the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, 4301 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22203, from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm. All Leagues in Virginia are invited to attend. The forum will feature an opening panel on Metro's history, value and economic benefits, challenges, and proposed fixes. This session will be moderated by radio station WAMU's Martin Di Caro and followed by a presentation of the "Fund It, Fix It Campaign" by LWVNCA, CSG, and other nonprofit organizations. This will lead into breakout sessions focusing on facilitated development of specific grassroots action plans for jurisdictions in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Snyder said the goal is for all attendees to leave the forum empowered and equipped to advocate for effectively funding a dependable Metro.
  • Producing a fact sheet about Metro for the forum and general distribution.
  • Working with CSG to create and circulate a petition to canvass and organize Metro riders who support the call for Metro funding and improved service.
  • Creating candidate questions about Metro for Virginia's November 2017 state and local elections. To access the webinar, please go to the following link: and enter the password "metro101". To sign up for the forum, go to:


LWVNCA is asking that all LWV members in Virginia support both the call for approval of a method of funding Metro's capital and operating needs and for transit throughout the Commonwealth, because all are affected by its economic, social, and environmental benefits.

  • The billions of dollars of projects built near Metro generate tax revenue not only for NOVA, but Metro generates economic activity worth some $600 million per year in state income and sales taxes. What state support of local services would be affected by a state revenue shortfall due to a failing Metro? Will businesses move to other more supportive locales or not move to Virginia in the first place and how will this affect state revenues?
  • How could seniors, millennials, and the disabled and low income residents lacking cars survive without Metro or other local transit?
  • 65% of Virginia's population and 65% of its gross state product are located in the "urban crescent" from Hampton Roads to Richmond, Frederick to NOVA, and most of its growth is projected in the corridor. Without transit, how would these areas continue to attract the people and business to keep Virginia strong?
  • With traffic congestion getting to be a problem with state-wide impact, how would greater reliance on the automobile affect Virginia's everyday living, the transportation of goods, and its environment and contribution to climate control?
  • And lest we forget, how would more traffic and congestion and less Metro and other transit in Virginia affect emergency preparedness and plans?
  • If Metro fails, how many Virginia jobs are lost either directly or in the construction of Metro cars and systems?

  • League members Therese Martin, Edith Holmes Snyder, and Deb Wake contributed to this article.

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Below are various documents that depict the LWVNCA work on the Metro transportation issue. The documents have been scanned from our archive files.

1963 - Workshop: Wheels, Rails & People

1965 - Washington_Metro-League_Study_-_Transportation_in_Metro_Area

1978 - LWVNCA_Report_-_What's_Going_on_in_Transportation

1979 LWV Chronological History of WMATA