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LWVNCA's local Leagues develop and present a wide variety of interesting and important topics as educational forums for their members. The LWVNCA 2013 Convention approved a program to use the LWVNCA website to share ideas for topics and speakers. The information provided includes the topic, speakers, and the presenting League. Although the specific speakers may not be appropriate for your League, the names and associations are provided as possible resources for speakers and experts. In addition the name of the presenting League is included so that you can contact it for more information. To see the list of topics and speakers, click here

Speaker Suggestions

Dr. Jennifer Lawless can speak on "women in politics" and "younger Americans and running for office". She is a professor at American University and Director of the Women & Politics Institute.

Mona Sarfaty, MD MPH FAAFP Director, Program on Climate and Health Center for Climate Change Communication Department of Communication George Mason University 4400 University Drive, MS 6A8 Fairfax, Virginia 22030 703-993-2086 (O) 240-338-7255 (C)

Crossing Boundaries Forum held March 28, 2015

Crossing Boundaries Forum was held March 28th at the Conference Center at NRECA -National Rural Electric Cooperative Association in Arlington. Here is the program listing panelist

Our expert panelists presented information about all kinds of transportation issues and concerns in the capital area.

Below are the Guest Speakers, you can click on some of their presentations:

Here are notes from the presentations

Shyam Kannan, WMATA Director of Planning Presentation

Dan Reed, a consultant with Nelson Nygaard

Gerrit Knapp, University of Maryland, Center for Smart Growth Presentation

Tom Fairchild, City Version 3 Presentation

Stewart Schwartz, Coalition for Smarter Growth

Ross Capon, railroads expert Presentation

Aldea Douglas, AARP Presentation

Rich Kuzmyak, Renaissance Planning Group Presentation

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